• Group and Private Lessons

  • Instinct Tests

  • Home/Farm visits

Our Group and Private lessons are a great way to learn about herding or sharpen your skills. We have a very welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Our lesson plans are unique to each team to fit their individual goals.

Group lessons are encouraged, this setting allows you and your dog to learn the most from each lesson by watching and listening to other teams work. $30/hr per dog

Private lessons are available upon request for dogs struggling with distractions, aggression or just need a more one on one training approach. We are happy to help find what works best for each team!  $50/hr per dog

Instinct Tests are a great option to test out your dogs ability to herd livestock and gauge where their skill levels are at. We offer this service to breeders who need their litter of puppies assessed as well. Instinct Tests are a great way to understand more about your dog and what their individual set of instincts are telling them to do!  $50/per dog *Breeders contact for discounted pricing

Home/Farm visits are offered to clients who own and operate their own farms, and need their dogs to help them perform daily chores and tasks. This can be in addition to your normal group/private lesson or we can just do farm visit lesson plans- It all depends on the goals and needs of each team! *Contact for pricing

-Board and Trains are available for herding-

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Behavioral and General Obedience

  • Private In Home Training

  • Behavioral Consultations

Private training for general obedience problems or issues around your home for owners not looking to join group classes. This includes basic manors, counter surfing, destructive behavior, jumping, excessive barking, chasing cars, house breaking, issues having guests over, pulling on leash, exc. This also includes an in depth assessment of each dog’s activity level, environment, and needs.

Behavioral Consultations for dogs with aggression, separation anxiety, fear, and any other behavior issues. Consultations are done in the clients home or in a private setting. We go over the dogs issues, background, triggers and discuss what the best training plan to fix the specific behavior problem the dog is having. Which includes an in depth assessment of each dog’s activity level, environment, and needs.

*Contact for pricing on private and behavioral training


-Board and Trains are available for obedience and behavioral-


Handling Services are available for clients needing their dogs trialed/ titled in herding. We offer handling to all breeds at all levels, all stock, and all venues across the US and Canada.

Amanda has competed in many venues, her main focus is ASCA, AHBA, and AKC. She has received multiple High scoring, High in trial, Reserve High in trial and Merit Awards with both her personal and client dogs.

*Contact for pricing

To book a training appointment or to inquire further about our services please contact us at cherryhilltraining@gmail.com or 315-573-4639