"Amanda is one of the best dog trainers you will have the privilege to work with. She truly is a dog whisperer and understands what a dog is thinking and how to better yourself to have a great relationship with them. I have been herding with my dog Aly for 3 years and my newest addition Neville for almost a year. It has improved every aspect of my bond with my dogs and made me a better trainer/mom for them. She is always available, not just herding questions, but help with any behavior issues."                                                                     -Melissa Batz

“My ten year old son, myself, and our cattle dog mix, Finn, started taking herding lessons with Amanda almost a year ago, and in that time, every single lesson has been a truly fun and enjoyable experience. Even when we are not performing at our best, Amanda’s good humor and grace in the face of difficulty, her calm and friendly demeanor both with the humans and the dogs she is working with, her flexibility in methods of training, and her demonstrable mastery of her craft ensure that the difficult times become a really excellent learning experience. We always leave our lessons feeling really positive, and are always looking forward to the next lesson.”   -Anya Varrone

" I absolutely love Amanda as a trainer! She is knowledgeable, great with all sorts of dogs, and handlers as well. I highly recommend at least contacting her to ask when you can visit and observe."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Jess Hadcock

“Amanda is a brilliant and knowledgeable trainer. She is an excellent handler with exceptional communication skills. And my dog absolutely loves and respects her!”

-Sandra Hawkins

"My GSD and I have been students at Cherry Hill Training Center for 4 1/2 years. Amanda recognized the potential for my dog to use his natural talent to become a great herding dog. Due to Amanda's knowledge and guidance I have improved my skills as a handler which has consequently improved the relationship with my dog. I would highly recommend Cherry Hill Training Center to anyone who has an interest in herding."                                                                                                                                                                              -Mary Tebbutt

"We have been coming to lessons at Cherryhill with Amanda for almost a year now. Apollo is a 22mo old Louisiana Catahoula and while it is a multi-purpose working breed, it is not bred for working sheep. I came to Amanda in hopes for having a mental outlet for Apollo and get him working. Amanda was eager for the challenge. She understood the intelligence and stubbornness of Apollo’s breed and helped me fine tune his focus on me. Within a few weeks I started to notice the difference in him and he continues to make gains week over week. He is still an excited ball of noisy energy but when it’s time to work he is able to flip that switch. He is extremely responsive now when off leash and even when not working, often “checks in”. I’m impressed with how far he has come in a short time and it shows that Apollo loves his lessons too."                                                                          -Corissa Light-Moses

"I met Amanda about six months ago my two boys (I call them my challenge dogs)  boarded with her while my family and I were in Europe for three weeks. I felt so at ease knowing they were receiving excellent care and one on one personal attention. They did great! I highly recommend Amanda!  I’ve had my Australian Cattle Dog, Taz, do an instinct test and since then, I put him in herding lessons. Taz is extremely clingy with me, never leaving my side. Amanda told me that it’s great he’s trained well enough to stay by me, but for herding it can be a hindrance. So with that said, she has taken time to work with Taz (and me) very slowly and patiently to let him know it’s ok to leave “mom’s” side and move livestock around the pen! She didn’t want him to be stressed and dislike herding. She wanted him to learn and like it and to not be afraid of the stock stick. He has come such a long way. Amanda is very patient, very knowledgeable and an all-around fantastic herding and training instructor!"                                                                                              - Jamie Nanni-Disalvo