Toby is a 10 year old Junior handler and Finn his Border collie/Cattle dog cross, have been taking lessons for about a year now. Toby has the makings of an exceptional dog trainer!
He arrives at each lesson eager to learn no matter what chores or work he's done before class on his family farm, he is still raring to go and excited to learn. He always has a good attitude and new ideas about how to work livestock. Toby has shown great determination and patience even when his lessons get challenging or his dog is in the mood to give him a run for his money. Finn and Toby make a wonderful partnership! They have both come so far together and continue to grow as a team. They offer some good laughs while on the side lines to the other students. 
I can't say enough good things about this boy and his dog. One thing is for sure- I'm so incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to teach them and be apart of their journey!

tobey and finn14.jpg



This time goes to a human student! Melissa has been coming for 3 years, In this time I've had the pleasure of watching her grow as a dog owner. She has pushed herself and gone outside her comfort zones. Melissa continues to show up eager to learn and further her education. She is always encouraging of other students and offers up her own experiences in support no matter good or bad. Melissa possesses an important quality in a student and its that she TRIES even when its hard!

I am so proud of Melissa and honored to get to help in her dog training journey. Looking forward to watching her achieve great things with her dogs and becoming a better and better partner for them!

Pictured training her newest dog Neville (border collie x Corgi mix)